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Cameron Dunlap - Investing in Real Estate Since 1993

Cameron Dunlap Hey it's Cameron Dunlap. I'm thrilled that you've stopped by to check out my site. If you don't know by now, I'm a real estate investor. I've been successfully buying and selling real estate since 1993. And boy, how things have changed since then. I mean, I've never seen a better time to be investing than right now. This is a foreclosure bonanza I will probably never see again in my lifetime.

I've had the good fortune of teaching students how they too can learn this business and make a killing. As an active investor myself, I see the roadblocks and challenges you face because I face them too everyday. I've made it my business over the years to overcome these challenges and pass the knowledge onto you so your experience can be a positive one.

I've also developed specific tools and resources as I gain more knowledge that help the real estate investing business become that much easier. Tools and resources like these didn't exist when I first got started. I sure wish they did because it makes investing easier and saves a ton of time.

Automating Foreclosure With iFlip

One of the tools I've perfected over the years has literally saved me thousands of hours. And when I add up what my time is worth, it is a substantial amount of money this tool has saved me. It's called iFlip. iFlip is a unique data management system that allows me manage bird dogs, properties and buyers.

Cameron Dunlap iFlipI learned early on in my career that my time was extremely valuable. The money was great but the 60 - 70 hours per week I didn't like. So I came up with a way to leverage my time better and focus on the most important things. iFlip is like having a virtual secretary, house finder and house buyer all in one.

iFlip manages all my bird dogs. First it goes out and gets them and once it finds them, it also trains them on exactly what types of properties I'm looking for. Once they find a property, they can submit it through the system and then I can accept or reject it based on what qualified as a deal. The system then pays the bird dogs what as agreed upon. I then make the offer, tie up the property and immediately send it out to my buyers list. Usually I'll have 1 or 2 backup buyers which is a great feeling. So instead of it taking me 40 hours per week to do all of this, it now takes about 2. I did a quick video on it, go check it out.

Transactional Funding

One of the biggest challenges investors face today is financing. Years ago, this wasn't an issue because we could use our end buyers money to pay for our side of the transaction. This isn't the case anymore. This discouraged a lot of investors because they either had to have cash or borrow the money. And when you borrow money, sometimes there can be substantial costs involved or credit issues in getting the money in the first place.

Realizing this dilemma early in the game, I wanted to make it possible for students to have an equal opportunity to make money investing in real estate regardless of income or credit. So that's exactly what I did. I've made it possible for ANYONE to flip deals regardless of their situation through my transactional funding program.

More on Cameron Dunlap

My business is to help you succeed in real estate. I also run another website called CameronDirect where you can find tons of information, tools, webinars and basically everything an investor could possibly want. I do partner with students on deals. I train students personally. I do events 2 or 3 times a year where we all get together. So, whatever you need, know that I'm here for you and can help you solve any problem you might have in the world of real estate.

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